Facebook Link Image

Create large clickable images for Facebook, Google+ and Twitter

Customize Youtube videos with your image thumbnail, title, description and link

Facebook Link Image - How It Works

Choose a suggestive image

Images from web can also be used

Facebook Link Image - How It Works

Insert your redirection link

Choose the title and the description

Facebook Link Image - How It Works

Generate the promo link

Optional, you can shorten the URL

Facebook Link Image - How It Works

Post the link on social media

And increase traffic by 50%

Facebook Link Image - How It Works

Facebook Link Image System Requirements

It's time to increase engagement and boost your traffic from social media networks!

Facebook Link Image is not a desktop software.
It is a web based script that must be installed online and it requires a web browser
(Chrome, Firefox, IE, Safari, Opera, etc) to operate.
It is compatible with all existing browsers and operating systems.

System requirements:
» Your own domain with a hosting plan. We DO NOT recommend free hosting plans!
» 1 available Mysql database
» PHP 4.0 or higher

If you do not have your own website, please contact us for details about our hosted version.
On demand, we can perform the installation as well.